Do. 5. Oktober 2017
09:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr
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Anmeldeschluss: Di. 3. Oktober 2017

 Swisscom is setting up a Swiss-wide additional network for the Internet of Things: the Low Power Network (LPN). It is designed for the transmission of small amounts of data independently of the electrical network and forms the basis for smart cities, energy-efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital applications. The Low Power Network is based on the open LoRaWAN industry standard (www.lora-alliance.org).

In the LoRaWAN device Expert Training you will be introduced on how to develop an energy efficient LoRaWAN Node by yourself. You will get a hands-on training on design and implementation of an LPN based node.

The number of participants to this training is strictly limited to 10 persons!

Attendees will receive a deep-dive into
  • Low Level LoRaWAN stack implementation for embedded processors
  • General overview on how to design (HW) and develop (SW) LoRaWAN products
  • Specific examples and hands-on in using the Murata LoRaWAN Module
  • Best practices on how to achieve low energy consumption

Introduction to LoRaWAN Technology, node hard- and software

  • Recap of the LoRaWAN network technology
  • HW Overview of a basic LoRaWAN node
  • SW Overview of the Semtech Open Source LoRaWAN Stack
  • The Murata Module (STM32L0 + SX1276)
  • Development Tools

Hands on development of a sample application on Murata Module

  • We will develop a complete application going through all the steps
  • Embedded Node Application design
  • Interfacing with external sensors on I2C / SPI (specific for the Murata Module)
  • Coding
  • Low Power Best practices
HW included
  • Murata LoRa Module
  • Carrier Board
  • STM32 – Programmer

You will need to bring along a Windows PC with the Atollic Studio IDE installed (MAC/Linux will not work) - https://atollic.com/resources/download/windows/

Target Group
  • Firmware Programmers
  • Hardware Designers that want to design LoRaWAN products

You should have at least basic knowledge of LoRaWAN (or attended the LPN Bootcamp https://events.kimeportal.ch/en/bootcamp-autum2017), an idea about C programming (basic is enough as we will work with templates) as well as an understanding of HW designs and components (Microprocessors, RTC, Sensors, SPI, I2C, GPIO, ...).

Training Day
CHF 1,100.00
Optional – LPN Gateway (Ethernet only)
CHF 500.00