FULLY BOOKED — Low Power Network Boot Camp - Autumn 2017

Swisscom is setting up a Swiss-wide additional network for the Internet of Things: the Low Power Network (LPN). It is designed for the transmission of small amounts of data independently of the electrical network and forms the basis for smart cities, energy-efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital applications. The Low Power Network is based on the open LoRaWAN industry standard (www.lora-alliance.org).


In the LPN Boot Camp you will learn about the functionality of the network as well as do a technical deep dive on Hardware and Software Integration.  You will get a hands-on training on how to set up your own LPN based solution. The boot camp is designed for solution providers, system integrators and hardware providers who are already in the preliminary concept state.

Low Power Network Boot Camp - Lausanne
Additionals - Dev-Gateway Lausanne
Low Power Network Boot Camp - Zürich
Additionals - Dev-Gateway Zürich